What information do you require from me in order to make a booking?

We will be asking you the following questions in order to make a booking and provide you with a quote:

  1. Can you please advise approximate arrival and departure dates?  What will be the total numbers of days you would like to stay in Myanmar?
  2. How many persons will be traveling?  How many numbers of rooms (single, double, twin) will be needed?
  3. What class of hotels do you wish to stay? ie 3, 4 or 5 stars hotel, guest house, or B & B?
  4. Will you need a tour guide to accompany you along your journey (throughout your entire tour), or do you prefer locally stationed guides at each destination/point of interest?
  5. Do you have any special places of interest to visit, or are there any special activities which you have in mind for your trip?  We will be happy to assist you in making your holiday a unique experience, tailored to your wishes.

Upon receipt of the above information, we will be able to provide a quote for you.  Quotation will usually take only about 24-48 hours, and we will contact you if we need any additional information.

Do you require a Pre-arranged Visa or VOA? Our visa services

Myanmar2Go can assist you in arranging your visa to enter Myanmar.

We are able to facilitate both pre-arranged tourist visas for our tour clients, and also Business Visas On Arrival (VOA) for business purposes. Please see our Visa On Arrival information page for further information.

What happens if we change the number of days of our visit and/or the number of persons traveling?

If we know the changes ahead of time and hotels have available rooms, we will endeavor to make the required changes.  Sometimes you might have to stay at a different hotel, due to limited availability of rooms. The earlier you are able to inform us of any changes, the better chance we have to make any necessary amendments to your itinerary.  However, if changes (or cancellations) are made very close to the arrival date, cancellation fees will have to be applied.  Please see our cancellation policy.

How can we make payments, and what are your payment terms?

A deposit of 50% will be required at the time of confirmation of your tour.  The remaining 50% can be settled on arrival, or can be transferred to us just before your arrival date.

Payment can be made to one of our accounts in Singapore or in Myanmar.  We will mention all the details in our invoice to you. We will also be offering the option to pay via Paypal and Skrill in future.  If you wish to use these methods of payment, please let us know.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellation fees are charged by hotels to us.  We will try our best to negotiate with our accommodation providers, but if this is not successful, you will be charged as follows:

  1. Between 10 and 20 days prior to arrival: 75% of total cost
  2. Within 10 days prior to arrival: 100% of total cost

What if we change or add more destinations after arriving in Myanmar?

Changes to your itinerary can be made provided there are enough rooms at hotels and seats available for domestic flights. An invoice will be sent to you for these additional charges, which will need to be settled once any changes have been confirmed.  Feel free to contact us at any time to discuss what options are available.

Can we change a hotel after checking in if we don’t like it?

Our company will negotiate directly with the hotel in order to accommodate you with your needs and requirements.  Some cancellation fees may be applied, but we will certainly try our best to avoid this.

What if we miss a domestic flight? Will we need to pay for another flight?

You will need to complete your check-in at least one hour prior to boarding your domestic flights.  If the delay is due to circumstances on our company’s side (such as car breakdown etc), our company will pay for your ticket for the next available flight.

Can we pay to your company via a credit card?

At present, credit cards cannot be accepted in Myanmar, but we hope we can accept in the near future (as the US has recently lifted sanctions on Myanmar). In the meantime, we have an overseas account in Singapore, and you can wire transfer to our account there. We will be offering the option of paying for certain services via Paypal and Skrill (Moneybookers) in the near future, which will allow you to use credit cards.  Please contact us for more details.

Shall we take malaria prophylaxis medication before coming to Myanmar?

You don’t need to take unless you are going to very remote coastal and forest areas.  Normal classic tour areas such as Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan, Inle and the beaches are safe from malaria. However if you are not sure, please consult with your physician a few weeks before arriving to Myanmar.

How can we change our currency to local currency?

The local currency is the Myanmar Kyat (pronounced ‘chat’) Since April 2012, all foreign currency exchange in Myanmar has been legalized and is now widely available.  There are official money change counters at “Thein Phyu Road Changer Counter”.  Most private banks now have money exchange counters and provide competitive exchange rates (please have your passport copy handy, as some banks will require sighting your passport details). You can also ask your tour guide to arrange, or we can assist you to change at the prevailing rate. We suggest not to change at your hotels unless it is after business hours, as the rate can be lower than market rate. Please do not change money with touts who may approach you in the main tourist precincts, no matter how good the rate they offer you.

From late 2012 – Mastercard (Maestro/Cirrus cards) will be progressively accepted through some local ATMs, allowing you to withdraw local currency. However you should not rely on this, and instead we recommend you bring clean, unmarked, US currency. (It is very important to note that torn, marked, creased, or dirty notes will not be accepted)

Can shops and restaurants accept US$ or other currencies?

Yes, most of the shops can accept US$ even though very few can accept credit cards.  The rates can vary from shop to shop, so we recommend having sufficient local currency in hand.  Currencies other than USD$ are difficult to change and you should try to bring crisp, clean US dollars where possible.

Can we buy antiques and take them back to our home country?

According to Myanmar Archaeology Laws, any goods which are over 75 years are prohibited to be exported. Please note that it is meant only for Artefacts of Myanmar origin.  Chinese or European artefacts are not prohibited. As for Myanmar artifacts, archaeology law is sensitive only on antiques with religious origins such as Buddha Statues.

Can we find a freight forwarder to export our purchases?

Yes, we would like to recommend “Nandawun Export Service” which is one of our subsidiary companies. Nandawun can handle consolidation of goods (including your personal belongings) and freight via air or sea freight.  Please contact the following numbers for details and quotation. Ms Thuzar : 09-7314 7732, 221 271, 212 409

What is the best place for a good Myanmar meal in Yangon?

Please go to “Feel Myanmar Restaurant” on Halpin Road (Pyidaung Su Yeikthar Road).  You can have authentic Myanmar cuisine there, and experience authentic Myanmar dining.  However Feel Myanmar can be very crowded, especially during the lunchtime rush hour. If you want to relax and have a nice dining at a grand restaurant, please go to Padonmar Restaurant on Kha Ye Pin Road, or Green Elephant Restaurant on Artiyar Road. Contact us for more suggestions, or talk to your tour guide.

Can we freely discuss Myanmar politics nowadays?

With recent changes and reforms, media and public speaking is free and you can discuss Myanmar politics.  Please try to avoid discussing or criticizing on matters regarding religion.  As in any country, common sense, respect, and general courtesy are appreciated.

What clothing is appropriate to wear according to Myanmar culture?

Casual wear is fine. Please do not wear short skirts and pants whenever going to the pagodas, monasteries, or other places of religious and cultural significance. You also need to take off your shoes before entering any pagodas.  Most pagodas have places where you can leave your shoes.

Can we contact your company during our travel time for any assistance and information?

Sure. You can get our assistance at any time while you are in Myanmar.  You can call to us 24/7 at the following numbers for advice and assistance.  Please feel that we are always with you. Our contact details are located on the Contact page.

What are your specialized tours?

Our specialized tours are Academic Tours and Meditation Tours even though we offer various general tours.

Academic tours are designed for those who would like to understand Myanmar history, culture, ethnology, archaeology, business and economy, legal system and etc in depth.  We will have a Myanmar scholar to conduct a lecture followed by a field trip.  These tours are useful for students, researchers, academics and anyone who wants to understand more about Myanmar.

Meditation tours are designed for those who would like to practice proper Buddhist way of meditation.  Clients need to visit to a meditation centre or a monastery where a monk or a trainer will guide you in the proper way of how to practice meditation.

Will our mobile phones work in Myanmar?

Myanmar has not yet signed any auto roaming agreements with overseas service providers.  At this time, your mobile phone with SIM card from outside countries will not work.  If you wish to use your mobile phone while in Myanmar, you can purchase a pre-paid local SIM card when you arrive. The cost of a pre-paid SIM is approximately 20,000 kyats, and has USD$20 of stored credit.  Please note that you cannot send or receive SMS outside of Myanmar.  The local SIM card is useful for making and receiving calls and SMS within Myanmar.

Can we travel by train?

You can but the general condition of Myanmar trains is usually not very good.  It will shake and move to any direction.  However it is a good way to see the scenic landscape of rural Myanmar, and provides an interesting travel experience.

Can we travel by coaches and buses in Myanmar?

Yes, you can.  Nowadays you can travel to Mandalay and Bagan or to the Shan State in good coaches.  Coaches are good condition, imported mostly from Japan and Korea. Most have air conditioning. Most longer coach trips will show a video (Myanmar music show or action movie).  Regular stops are provided for meal and toilet breaks.

Should we buy travel insurance?

Yes, you should buy travel insurance from overseas before arriving in Myanmar.  If your current insurance policy covers for travelling in Myanmar to the required level of coverage your require, this should be sufficient. At present, Myanmar insurance companies cannot cover for travel insurance for travel within Myanmar.

Can we travel without a tour guide? If so, can your company provide us with information on those places we will visit?

This is possible.  We can assign your tour with an English speaking driver, and they will be able to give basic necessary information on where to visit.  Please read the details under our Travel Information section if you are not taking a tour guide.

What if we don’t like the tour guide you assign to us?

All of our local guides are well experienced, and we hope that you will be completely satisfied with the services provided.  However, we are able to change the guide for you at any time if it becomes necessary.

What if we need urgent medical advice for some kind of illness?

Our clients’ health is our first priority. Our company has two doctors on duty  24/7 and you can contact us directly by calling to our local numbers as follows any time : 09-500 5410 and 09-5177821 (these are local Myanmar mobile numbers). Necessary immediate medical assistance will be arranged with company cost.  If it is high value expenses, we will need to request payment from your insurance company later.  But immediate attention for your safety will be taken care of in the first instance.