Mandalay Day Tours

MANDALAY – including Amarapura


Mandalay is Myanmar’s culture, art and craft centre. With spectacular scenery that complements the famous sites around the city. Mandalay holds a special place in the hearts of Myanmar’s people, being the site of the capital of the last Burmese kingdom and to this day, the national centre for traditional Burmese culture.

With our Mandalay day tour, we’ll take you around the city and surrounds, visiting the key sites and areas that make up the former royal capital.

mandalay21  Visit to Mandalay’s most venerated religious site, Mahamuni Pagoda, is located in the southwestern part of the city. The Pagoda’s famous seated Buddha image, brought from Rakhine state by the Burmese army of King Bodawpaya in 1784 sparkles with gold leaf applied year after year by Buddhist Pilgrims seeking to gain merit.

2  Visit to workshop which produces gold leaves used for applying on all the Pagoda and Buddha images throughout Myanmar.

mandalay33  Visit to Mandalay Palace which was built in 1855.  You can visit the main throne room as well as many other interesting rooms for princes and princesses.

4  Lunch at Delight Myanmar Restaurant.

5  Visit to the Golden Palace Monastery where you will see classic Myanmar wooden architecture.

Just to the northeast of the fort is Mandalay Hill. Rising 760 feet above the otherwise level city. Offering a spectacular view and crowned by a popular pagoda that can be reached by a long stairway or escalator, the hills affords spectacular views not only across Mandalay but also well beyond the urban area to the farmland to the north, the Ayeyarwaddy River to the west and hills of Shan State to the east. Free time for a rest at the Mandalay Hill and sightseeing around the city.

6  We will then drive to the southern city of Amarapura, (the city of immortality), ancient capital. The visitors can watch the artists at work, traditional handicraft workshops, where skilled weaver and artisans create everything from beautiful silk clothing and sequined tapestries, to wooden marionettes and marble statues.

Mahagandayonmandalay4 Monastery is located in Amarapura, and is the largest monastery in the country is located, famous for his high disciplinary teaching of Buddhist teaching. You can observe the daily lunch offering to hundreds of Buddhist monks, an important part of the interaction and interdependence between the monastic and lay community.

7  Visit Thein Nyo Silk Weaving Factory in Amapura which is famous for silk production in Myanmar.

8  You can watch Myanmar’s famous golden sunset from U Bein Bridge, a stunningly tranquil and picturesque pedestrian bridge that stretches more than half a mile across Taungthaman lake.

9  Dinner at local restaurant.

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