Multi-Day Tours


Basic Myanmar Tours

Myanmar2Go offers the basic and classic tours of Myanmar that you should not miss. One can learn all the basic information of Myanmar people, culture, sites an sounds of Myanmar with this basic tour. Please rest assure and our experienced tour guide will show and explain to you so that your short holiday will be worthwhile and effectively used. Click here to find out more about how you will be spending time in Myanmar.

Unforgettable Tours

Myanmar2Go will bring you to all the famous sites including some of the off the beaten tracks in this programme. You will learn, see, smell and taste all the essence of locals with our experienced tour guides and operation ground staffs. Lay back, relax and let us handle your unforgettable experience of Myanmar in your valuable vacation. Find out more about our Unforgettable Tour here.

Educational Tours

Myanmar2Go specializes in Educational Tours for those who wish to get in depth knowledge of various topics on Myanmar. Students, academic groups, researchers and anyone who wishes to study Myanmar in details will be beneficial from these specialized tours.

Myanmar2Go has vast knowledge and contacts in the field of many academic as well as business fields. Each tour will be emphasizing on both theoretical background in lecture forms by famous Myanmar scholars and hands-on practical field trips. Each experts are famous in their field not only in Myanmar but also abroad. Our offer is one of its kinds of service in Myanmar. A great deal of networks of academic specialties ranging from history, architecture, archaeology to the fields of economy, legal and business and investment of Myanmar. Necessary appointments with most prominent scholars and people from various fields will be arranged.

There are two options which you can choose for educational tours. You can either take a full length of education tour which is 16 days tour or you can choose interested topics according to your needs. Full length of educational tour offers lectures with field trip and at the same time giving some free and relaxing time in the middle.

At present, we are now offering (16) topics which are most appreciated by our clients. You can choose either one or two or any interested topics along your itinerary. Or else, if you have any other topics which is not listed here, kindly please let us know. Choose your interested topics of Myanmar Educational Tours.

Myanmar2Go is your gateway to expand your knowledge and contacts in Myanmar.

Click here to find out more detail of how you will be spending time throughout your Educational Tour in Myanmar.

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Meditation Tours

Myanmar2Go offers specialized tours for those who have interest in meditation at various monasteries of Myanmar. Anyone who is interested in meditating at a Myanmar Buddhist monastery can be arranged through Myanmar2Go vast networks of Buddhist monasteries coverage. For serious people who wish to stay at a monastery, Myanmar2Go can arrange to get meditating visa also. This service is one of its kinds in Myanmar with our knowledge and contacts. Click here to learn more about our Meditation Tour.

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