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Until 2012, more direct international flights from Bangkok, Singapore, Calcutta (India) and Kuming (China).  But, in the near future, Qarter Airline will start to fly directly from Dohar, ANA will start from Osaka and Tokyo and EVA air will be from Taipe directly.

Domestic air travels can be used with flights from Yangon Airways, Air Mandalay, Air Kanbawza, Air Bagan and Myanmar Airways.  Apart from Myanmar Airways, the rest are all private airlines.  Most of them are using French made ATR and Airbus planes.


If you are coming in December, January and February, the temperature can low at 13’C (55’ F).  So, you will need warm jerkins or sweaters. Apart from these month, the temperature will be around 30-35’C (90’-100’ F) so that you can wear thin cotton shirts. However, you will need to wear long skirts or trousers whenever you go to a pagoda or a temple. Women are not allowed to wear shorts and thin clothes in any religious location.


International Country Code for Myanmar : +95

Code for Yangon : 01

Code for Hand Phone : 09


Yangon, being part of Myanmar, uses the Myanmar Kyats (abbreviated, Ks.) as its monetary unit. Myanmar is still in cash economy. Banknotes come in a range of denominations, including the commonly available Ks.10,000, Ks.5,000, Ks.1,000, Ks.500, Ks.200, Ks.100 and Ks.50. The most convenient foreign currency to bring is US dollars. You can change at private banks or authorized money changers, but the exchange rate at the hotel can be lower than outside.

During the recent reform, foreigners can withdraw local currency with their Visa or Master cards from many different ATM machines.

Exchange rates with major currencies (as of 1 November 2013)

1 USD = 970

1 EUR = 1326

Elderly People

If you need to get a wheel chair, please inform to our company in advance.  Helps for elderly people can be easily available.


Electricity is supplied at 220V 50Hz. Adapters are easily available and you can get one upon request at the hotel reception.

Entry/Exit Points

Yangon, Mandalay, Tachilaik (Thailand border) and Muse (China border) are entry points into Myanmar.  However, most of the international air lines are flying directly into Yangon.


Myanmar has unique food.  Myanmar’s stable food is rice with curry.  Curry are not very spicy but it has a unique taste.  Please try to taste local food as much as possible during your stay here.  Some of Myanmar food has been influenced by Indian, Chinese and Thai.

Gems /Precious Stones

Myanmar is famous for its gems and precious stones.  But, M2G will not take any responsibility.  M2G recommend that you should buy gems from government registered shops.  Pricing should be negotiated between buyer and seller.  If you are going to purchase high value gems or jewellery, please ask for a gem certificate and shops should be able to arrange it.

Health Care

Unless you are going to remote hilly regions such as to Chin or Kachin State, it is not necessary to take prophylaxis for malaria.  But, please consult with your physician. Myanmar also have reliable private hospitals and clinics in major cities like in Yangon, Mandalay and Taungyi.  In case of emergency, SOS service is also available.  However, the standards and quality of service may not meet international expectation in some of the places.

Hours of Business

Normal business hour is from 9:00am to 5:00pm. Some offices open half day on Saturday and some open full day. Most of the department stores open from 9:00/10:00 am until 9:00pm.  Shops will be closed on Sunday and public holidays.  But, department stores open everyday.


M2G recommends to buy travel insurance from your respective countries.  You can request your nearest travel insurance companies.


Most of the hotels (4 stars onwards) have internet access.  Some hotels offer WiFi in the room and some are offering only in the lobby.  Please check with us first as it can vary from hotel to hotel.  But, cyber cafes are present in all major cities.  Internet connections can be slow sometimes.


Myanmar is the official language in Yangon however most of the local people in Yangon can understand simple English. Common phrases:

Min-gala-ba :  Greeting

( literally means auspiciousness or blessings )

( Myanmar people do not use time of the day in greetings as English people do. )

Ne-kaun-yeh-la? : How are you?

Ce-zutin-ba-deh : Thank you.

Beh-lauq-leh? : How much?

Ze-ci-deh : Expensive

Eh-da bama-lo beh-lo kaw-dhaleh? : How do you call this in Myanmar?

Mobile Phones

Your mobile phone will not work as data roaming system is not available here. But, you can rent Sim Cards from the Yatanarpon Teleport and below is their rates.

Yatanarpon Sim Card Rental Service

Normal Package Plan (Telephone Only)



Total (USD)

Per Day Cost


Plan N1





Plan N2





Plan N3





Plan N4





Plan N5





Plan N6






Data Package Plan (Telephone + Internet)



Total (USD)

Per Day Cost


Plan D1





Plan D2





Plan D3





Plan D4





Plan D5





Plan D6






Available Places

Yangon Airport

Bagan Airport

Mandalay Airport

Mandalay Swan Hotel

Head Office (1876 HOTLINE)

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Please Call 1876 Hotline  and  +95941010008/+95941010018/+95973198447


Myanmar is still in Cash Economy.  At present, all the international credit cards can not be accepted widely except at some of the major hotels.  So, it is recommended that you should bring enough US$ with you.  US$ is widely accepted but you can also change US$ at money changers.  Local currency is known as “Kyat” and you can change at Private Banks and official money changer on the Thain Phyu Street.  Rates at the hotel can be lower than outside.

However, some shops are able to accept credit cards and please ask MHT office or to your tour guide.


Photography is allowed in most places except few places such as some of the military buildings.  You can take photos at most of the pagodas including Shwedagon after paying for your entrance fees.

Prohibited Items

Antiquities especially religious objects and other antiques which are more than 75 years are prohibited to take out according to the archaeological laws.  Moreover, rare animals are prohibited also.  If you are not sure, please check with our MHT office.

Public Holidays

Below are public holidays in Myanmar.

4 January – Independence Day

12 February – Union Day

2 March – Peasants’ Day

27 March – Resistance (Tatmadaw) Day

1 May – Workers’/May Day

19 July – Martyrs’ Day


Free and equal religious rights given in Myanmar.   Over 97% of the total population is Buddhist and others are Christian, Muslims and others.

Road Travels

Spectacular scenic views can be seen by road travelling.  But, safe car or coach should be used at all time.  M2G arranges with experienced drivers at all time.


Please try to bargain if you are going to buy at shops for tourists.  The most famous market, Bogyoke Aung San Market (or also known as Scott Market) has variety of shops but please try to bargain as much as you can.


If you can not carry back your belongings or goods that you purchase,  please ask MHT office “Export Service”.

Time and Weather

Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) + 6:30

Daylight is from 6:00 – 18:00

Apart from December, January and February, the temperature will be around 30-35 C (90-100 F). Thus, we recommend you to bring thin cotton clothes. However, you will need to wear long skirt or trousers whenever you go to a pagoda or a temple.

Remark – You can also see our daily weather forecast in our weather widget below.


Tipping can be done but it is not mandatory.  For example, a porter can be tipped for about US$ 2 or a waiter can be tipped at about US$ 3 depending on their service.


All the cars drive on the right side of the road.  But, you will be surprised to see that almost all the cars are right hand side also.  This is a unique feature of Myanmar.  This is because most of the cars are imported from Japanese domestic market and hence cars are right hand driven.


Tourists can get 28 days visa straight away.  If you overstay, you can pay to the immigration department at the time of departure (at the airport) at a rate of US$ 3 per day for extra days.

At present, visa on arrivals can be arranged in advance for most countries and MHT can arrange in advance.  Your particulars, passport copies and 2 photos are required to process your visa in advance.  You need to send them about 1 month in advance to MHT office.  There is a fee of US$ 50 for visa on arrival service.

If you are a business traveler, visa on arrival can be obtained at the Yangon International Airport.  There is a fee of US$ 55 for the service.